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Creative Crieff Unveils Transformative Plans for Crieff Hotel Site Regeneration

Creative Crieff is delighted to announce the latest developments in the transformation of the former Crieff Hotel site, a pivotal project in our mission to revitalise Crieff’s cultural and economic landscape.  Revised planning application: 

  • Ref No 21/01859/CON - Conservation Area Consent 
  • Ref No 24/00161/FLL    - 47 - 49 East High Street New Replacement Building application
  • Ref No 24/00166/CON  - Current section 43 application for the removal of condition 1 of permission 21/01850/CON)

Demonstrates our innovative vision for the site’s external space utilisation, marking a significant step towards community enrichment and engagement. Through Heartland FM ( our radio station) and The Star Experience, (cinema and bistro outside space), we aim to attract a rich cultural tapestry, attracting and engaging both residents and visitors.  

Update: Heartland FM 

Radio Earn has now merged with Heartland FM and will be rebranded as Heartland FM. The station is set to launch at the beginning of April.

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Heartland FM

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