The Star Experience

On the 31 January 224 we submitted revised application to planning. If you would like to know more please get it touch:

Creative Crieff Unveils Transformative Plans for Crieff Hotel Site Regeneration

Creative Crieff is excited to announce the latest developments in the transformation of the former Crieff Hotel site, a pivotal project in our mission to revitalise Crieff’s cultural and economic landscape. This press release provides insights into our revised planning application (Ref - Conservation Area Consent 21/01859/CON) and our innovative vision for the site’s external space utilisation, marking a significant step towards community enrichment and engagement.

Revitalising Crieff: A Community-Centric Approach

In partnership with FPA Architects, Creative Crieff is embarking on a strategic plan to repurpose the external space following the demolition of the Crieff Hotel. This initiative, encompassing archaeological explorations and sustainable development practices, aims to ensure the space remains accessible and functional, serving as a beacon of community spirit and innovation.  .


The Star Experience: A New Chapter for Crieff

Our revised planning application proposes a reduced building footprint, allowing for an expanded outdoor space. 'The Star Experience' is set to blend cinema, dining, radio, and green spaces, aiming to become a beacon for tourism and community cohesion.

A Hub of Activity and Interaction:

The internal space of 'The Star Experience' is meticulously designed to cater to various interests and age groups. From movie buffs to foodies, and radio enthusiasts to casual visitors looking for a place to relax, the venue promises something for everyone. It's not just a place to visit; it's a destination to experience, engage, and enjoy.

The Star Experience - Enhanced Internal Space for Community Engagement and Entertainment

Cinematic Experience:

Creative Crieff is proud to introduce two state-of-the-art bijou cinemas within 'The Star Experience'. Each cinema, designed to seat approximately 50 guests, offers an intimate and comfortable viewing experience. Our focus is on creating a cosy, community-centric atmosphere. In line with this vision, we are excited to collaborate with community groups, to provide a cohesive and complementary range of cinematic showings.

This collaboration aims to enhance the diversity and richness of our film screenings, ensuring that they resonate with the varied interests of our community. By working closely with local community groups, we aspire to curate a unique cinematic experience that not only entertains but also reflects the cultural and artistic vibrancy of Crieff.

Our partnership with these groups will enable us to offer a well-rounded schedule of films, including local productions, cultural features, and popular hits. This initiative is part of our broader commitment to fostering a thriving cultural community, where cinema plays a key role in bringing people together and celebrating the arts.

Bistro Area: A Culinary Delight:

Adjacent to the cinemas, visitors will find a charming bistro area. This space is not just about dining; it's about creating a warm, inviting environment where community members can gather, share stories, and enjoy delicious meals. The bistro will serve a variety of local cuisines, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. It's envisioned as a social hub, fostering connections and conversations over good food and drinks.

Heartland FM and Radio Earn Merger and Broadcasting Live:

The 2021 launch of Radio Earn, merged with, and renamed Heartland FM, signifies a major step in expanding the reach and impact in Perthshire.  Heartland FM aims to enhance community connection, especially in isolated areas, and is set to increase its audience significantly. Planned for a 2024 launch, this  will deepen community impact and support local initiatives.

In a significant development, Heartland Radio will have its new home within 'The Star Experience'. This integration allows visitors to witness live radio broadcasts, interact with hosts, and possibly even participate in live sessions. The presence of Heartland FM adds a dynamic and interactive element to the venue, bridging the gap between local media and the community.

The Star Experience - Innovative External Space

The Star Experience aims to transform its external space into a dynamic and multifunctional area, designed to foster community engagement and enhance the cultural fabric of Crieff. Envisioned as a versatile community hub, this space offers potential for a range of activities and facilities.

Community Engagement – Focus Groups – External Space Post Demolition

We are proposing several ideas for the exploration and collaborative use of the external space at The Star Experience, following the demolition and throughout the construction phase. These ideas are intended as options for consideration. We look forward to engaging with the community to identify the most beneficial and sustainable uses for this space. These ideas are meant to spark conversation and creativity. Engaging with the community through workshops, surveys, or public meetings can help refine these ideas to ensure they meet the community's needs and preferences.

Some Ideas to be Explored with the Community: 

  • Community Gardening and Market: Create a vibrant green space for community groups to engage in gardening and grow produce for sale at local markets. This initiative aims to promote sustainable living and support local initiatives through the reinvestment of proceeds.
  • Communal Meeting Area: Establishing a welcoming, sheltered area for social gatherings and community events. Designed with basic amenities, this space is intended to be a comfortable and inviting spot for residents to connect and socialise.
  • Mobile Outdoor Cinema: In collaboration with local community groups, explore the possibility of hosting outdoor film screenings. This initiative would aim to bring the magic of cinema under the stars, contingent upon community interest and feasibility.
  • Market Place – Pop ups: Partnering with various community groups to potentially host diverse markets. This would provide a platform for local artisans, farmers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and crafts.
  • Youth Engagement: Recognising the importance of involving the younger generation, collaborate with local schools to develop initiatives that resonate with the interests and aspirations of Crieff’s youth. This approach is designed to foster a sense of ownership and commitment among young people, encouraging their active participation in community life.


Sustainable Features

Incorporate sustainable elements like rain gardens, solar lighting, and environmentally friendly materials to promote sustainability. 

About Creative Crieff:

Creative Crieff is a forward-thinking organisation committed to the regeneration and enrichment of Crieff. Our focus is on nurturing the community, celebrating its cultural heritage, and transforming Crieff into a dynamic hub for entertainment and inclusive engagement.

Community and Cultural Focus:

We are deeply invested in the community, working collaboratively with local residents, businesses, and community  groups to ensure our initiatives resonate with their needs and aspirations. Our projects, from arts and heritage to leisure activities, are designed to enrich Crieff's cultural landscape and foster a vibrant community spirit.


Crieff as an Entertainment Destination:

Our vision is to establish Crieff as a premier destination for diverse entertainment and leisure activities. We aim to create spaces where locals and visitors alike can enjoy a rich array of experiences, making Crieff synonymous with cultural vibrancy and community engagement.

Inclusivity and Sustainability:

Inclusivity is central to our approach, ensuring our projects are accessible and welcoming to all. We are equally committed to sustainability, seeking innovative solutions to support Crieff's growth while preserving its unique character for future generations. 

Creative Crieff: Driving Positive Change:

Creative Crieff stands as a catalyst for positive change, dedicated to building a brighter, more connected future for the town. We are more than just a development organisation; we are a community partner, fostering a sense of belonging and driving innovation for the benefit of all in Crieff.

Quote John Mauchline, Chairman Creative Crieff
Crieff is a charming town, yet it has faced aesthetic challenges due to several prominent, derelict buildings. The High Street is grappling with uncertainty, and this highlights the necessity to raise the town’s profile and boost both local and visitor footfall.

Creative Crieff, in collaboration with other local organisations, has a vision beyond the redevelopment of individual sites and we are committed to ensuring that the development of the Crieff Hotel site not only respects, but also celebrates Crieff's rich cultural heritage. We believe this initiative will set a precedent for community-led regeneration in the town, inspiring a vibrant future based on the town’s proud traditions. 

Supporting Local Regeneration Strategy:

Aligned with the Crieff Community Trust Action Plan- Regeneration initiative, our project is a testament to our dedication to the cultural enrichment and economic revival of Crieff. We are committed to sustainable development and enhancing community prosperity.

Community Engagement and Feasibility:

Jura Consulting’s feasibility assessment underpins our vision for a sustainable and community-beneficial model. We are actively engaging with various community groups, with planned meetings to maximise the potential of the outdoor space.

Risk Management Strategy:

A comprehensive risk assessment will be conducted, focusing on safety and sustainability, to ensure the well-being of all participants and visitors.

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