Creative Crieff is proud to be fully inclusive Membership organisation. Full Membership is open to all those who support our aims and vision and who are aged 16 or over who live, work or study in the PH7, PH6 or PH5 postcode.


Full Membership includes the ability to vote at all general meetings and to elect the Board of Trustee members. Associate Membership is available to all those who support our aims and vision and live outside the postcodes above and who are aged 12 and over. 

At present, subscription for full Membership is FREE. Subscription fees are set annually by the Board of Trustees at the Annual General Meeting. 

For those with further questions, please email us at

Or to join us, please submit your details here:



Creative Crieff is a Company registered in Scotland and Limited by Guarantee (Company Reg. No. SC637020) and a Registered Charity in Scotland (SC049788).                                                                          


Creative Crieff and Radio Earn, 62 High Street, Crieff, Perthshire, PH7 3BS

Registered office:  
The Old Garage, Mill Hills Farm, Crieff, Perthshire PH7 3QW

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